Dave Nemo grew up glued to the radio. He studied communications in college and was the campus station program director. That led to being hired for weekend work at WWL Radio in New Orleans in the winter of 1969. He’s proud of his service in the U.S. Army and was fortunate to be a radio host on AFKN in Seoul, South Korea. Back in New Orleans, his career in trucking radio began in the summer of 1972 when he joined Charlie Douglas and The Road Gang. Today, he’s honored to serve the men and women of the “Wonderful World of Trucking” across North America through SiriusXM. Dave says one of the best things he ever did was to start the St. Christopher Fund with his dear friends Michael Burns and Dr. John McElligott. Dave is honored to be on the Truckers Against Trafficking Board of Directors. He considers himself lucky and blessed to have such a wonderful team at RadioNemo. Dave plans to ride along with you for many miles to come.